and DE Jobs act as a starting point to match those looking for a new job with those who want to hire them. serves as an employer portal, while offers those in search of a job with search tools to find jobs posted on the DirectEmployers job network. Here, you find current, open positions from verified employers. With over 2 million job opportunities available stateside and internationally, DirectEmployers is poised to help you begin your job search and develop your career path.

How and DE Jobs Can Help You

With the overabundance online job resources of today, it can be difficult to determine the best place for you to find jobs from credible employers. You can search over 2 million jobs from thousands of employers, all updated daily, save searches based on your keyword and geographical criteria, and apply for jobs with just a few clicks of your mouse. When you apply for a job, DEjobs sends you directly to the employers listing on their site, connecting you with the employer without any go-between forms or technologies.

Who Runs and DEjobs

Both sites are powered by DirectEmployers Association, a non-profit group dedicated to making it easier for employers to find talent, and people to find jobs. We have been doing so since 2001, and our staff and alumni are composed of many of the founders of online job postings.

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